Kenton Nelson

Swim Party 1,2,3, 2002; Copyright Kenton Nelson 2002

I really enjoy the movie Something's Gotta Give. They visit a farmer's market, travel to Paris, cook in a huge, sunlight kitchen, walk on the beach in the Hamptons... and there is major relationship drama... what is not to love? Diane Keaton's character's house in the Hamptons is spectacular and I have been obsessed with a painting in the movie that rests over the fireplace for years.

Every time I watch the movie, I think about how I love that painting and how such a simple image of a woman next to a swimming pool evokes such emotion and feeling. I finally did some serious googling and found the name of the artist: Kenton Nelson.

EricaBR mantle.jpg

A scene from Something's Gotta Give

Mr. Nelson was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and has his art studio in Pasadena, California. His website describes his style in the following way: "The style of Nelson's paintings have their origins in American Scene painting, Regionalism, and the work of the WPA artists in the 1930's." These influences are reflected (in my humble, not-art-expert opinion) in similarities to Andrew Wyeth, Norman Rockwell and Diego Rivera. We have a bright, floral rug in our living room and I could see one of Mr. Nelson's paintings as the centerpiece in our living room. There is an incredible film online showing Kenton Nelson painting "Big Shoes". It is definitely worth two minutes to check out the video - the process is incredible.

A Competitive Sport, 2009; Copyright Kenton Nelson 2009

Getting Directions, 2007; Copyright Kenton Nelson 2008

Long Drink of Water, 2006; Copyright Kenton Nelson 2006

Water Supply, 2009; Copyright Kenton Nelson 2009