Giada in the WSJ?

Photo Credit: Sam Comen for the Wall Street JournalImagine my surprise when I opened the Wall Street Journal yesterday and discovered an article about Giada De Laurentiis! I enjoy Giada... she always looks so chic while she is cooking and she is so thin but makes delicious meals that include necessary ingredients such as butter and sugar (suspicious, I know). The WSJ article provides some insight into Giada's approach to dressing to look great but still be comfortable while preparing a meal. I like her approach to cooking and dressing for guests: "I want people to feel like I made the effort to look nice because I'm excited about having them over." However, I disagree with her statement that aprons are restrictive - I adore my apron (mine is a pale pink - thanks, Rob) and think I could wear a different one each day!

For a bit of light, Friday afternoon reading, you can read the Giada article here.