Gifts for Men!

I don't know about you, but I find men impossible to shop for. My husband is insanely picky and knows exactly what he wants and likes (and usually orders things for himself when he wants them). I love that he cares about how he looks and has an opinion about everything... most of the time. When I am dressed for work and walking out the door and Rob says he hates my jacket (double-breasted) or shoes (pointy), I don't love it all that much. At least he notices what I am wearing, I suppose... 

This post was intended to be about gift ideas for men generally rather than for Father's Day. However, it seems apropos since Father's Day is June 19th. I'll be playing a round of golf with my husband and my Dad (Dad, no expectations about my golf game, please) and I suspect most Dad's would prefer to do something with their children rather than get something, but that is not always possible. Also, some of these are geared more for "new" Dads (read - I am not going to give my own father a flask, let's be serious) or just for your husband or brother's birthday.

Gingham Pocket Square from Bonobos
Island Slipper Leather Flip-Flops (we saw these at Allen Edmonds - they have an incredibly soft and comfortable footbed and are a "classier" flip-flop, if such a thing exists)
Authentic MLB used baseball cufflinks
Allen Edmonds Honors Collection Golf Shoes (I haven't seen Rob this excited about something we saw in a store in ages... these are classic golf shoes that can be re-soled and customized. These are a splurge but should last a lifetime!)
A hand-crafted bowtie from Forage in an array of preppy and hip patterns and fabrics
Stanley Flask (I bought Rob a flask for Christmas for his stocking... he declared that it was ugly... maybe this one will fit his needs?)
For the photography enthusiast - the Joby Gorillapod (shown here for a SLR camera but also available in a smaller size for point & shoot cameras) is the perfect tripod for any outdoor activity. It is lightweight and can be positioned on most anything (e.g., you can wrap its legs around a tree or adjust it to stand on a rock)
Traditional Needlepoint Belt from Smathers & Branson - these belts are pricey but classic. With the variety of designs, you're bound to find something for your Dad. Also, you can get 15% off between now and Father's Day with code 'THANKYOUDAD11'.
Penfield Templeton Jacket (love this company's vintage look for outdoor/adventure gear)
Is your dad a smartphone user and golfer? A smartphone app that tracks his score and provides distance to the hole and information about various courses could be a great option. My husband has this app (Golfshot) and loves it.
Planet Earth: the Complete BBC Series (narrated by David Attenborough, this is an awesome 11-part documentary that aired on the Discovery Channel and is all about Earth - animals, plants, glaciers, mountains, oceans - it contains unbelievable footage and information)
I don't claim to be an expert on what men like to read, but Esquire created this slideshow of "The 10 Essential Books for Life" and some of them look pretty interesting.

If your dad is into technology and has an iPad or other e-reader, perhaps a snazzy new case? I did a post on iPad cases when I was not-so-patiently awaiting the arrival of my iPad. Some are a bit feminine but most are appropriate for both men and women. Another brand to try is Bobara - the DaVinci case is sleek, classy and functional!

Have a wonderful Father's Day and PLEASE let me know if you have found the perfect gift!