Klas Fahlen Illustrations

Illustrations on cups for a Swedish ice cream shop (great illustrations and tasty-looking ice cream)I can't remember where I first stumbled upon the illustrations of Klas Fahlen, but as I've explored his work more I absolutely love it. Mr. Fahlen is a Swedish illustrator represented by Art Department.  

I wasn't able to find much background information about Mr. Fahlen, but he was commissioned by the ICA, the largest supermarket chain in Sweden, to create illustrations for rebranding and repackaging  healthy alternatives in their private label line of products and his work on that project won various advertising and design awards. He has created wine labels, magazine holders, stationery and cute plastic bags (pictured below).  If anyone knows more about him, please do share! In the meantime, you can see more of his work below. All of the images in this post are credited to Art Department and Mr. Fahlen.

These magazine holders were created for the Swedish Museum of Architecture. When placed next to each other on a shelf, they create an entire city block.


Image seems to be for a restaurant/market in Sweden. This would be perfect for a farmer's market advertisement or banner.

Adorable Dogs!One of the rebranded products for ICA