Hazel Mail

Thank you to my husband for introducing me to Hazel Mail, a fantastic way to send a custom-made postcard to anyone in the world! For $1.50, you can upload a photo that you took (or select an image from Lonely Planet), write a message and have the postcard printed and sent... all from your computer or iPhone!  I tested the service yesterday by sending a note to my parents and I'll report back about how the postcard looks, the paper quality, and how long it took to arrive.  

I love this idea!  Snap a photo on your iPhone and you can send someone a postcard within minutes. The price is reasonable and you avoid having to hunt around for postcard stamps, a mailbox, etc. Plus, rather than sending a stock image, you can send a photo that actually depicts what you are doing or where you are.

Speaking of mail, my mom shared this advertisement for the Australian postal service with me yesterday and it seems fitting for this post. The image is a big creepy, but I do like the message.