Susy Pilgrim Waters

I am back in Boston for the week, my home for seven years, and it is a glorious time of year to be back!  Spring is my favorite season in Boston.  There are cherry blossoms and daffodils and a few other lovely trees that I can't identify.... and while there are no lilacs yet, I'll forgive the city given how harsh I am told this winter has been.

In addition to the lovely spring weather, I have been able to spend time with some of my favorite people who I miss dearly.  As I was strolling around the South End with Vanessa yesterday, we came across a cute new store called Gracie Finn on Union Park. For those of you who are Bostonians, they have taken over half of the space where Aunt Sadie's used to me (and, apparently, some of its inventory).  However, there are a ton of new items in the shop including cards, art and awesome trays by Susy Pilgrim Waters.

First, I love this silkscreened "bread proofing" tray.  It should come as no surprise that it is adorned with polka dots.  Not only would it be great for bringing someone you love breakfast in bed (hint, hint), but also for placing on an ottoman to turn it into a table.  The price is a bit steep but the tray is fantastic!

What really caught my eye in the store, however, is Ms. Waters' fantastic stationery.  It is simple and has a very clean design and her calligraphy is gorgeous!  Some day I will learn how to use the awesome calligraphy materials Rob bought me for Christmas... and I hope mine turns out half as well as hers!  There are these simple Kraft paper postcards, these chic notecards and these fun gift tags.  I like that each sentiment is said in a "big" way that emphasizes its importance without being tacky.  How fun would it be to get one of these in the mail?

Krafty Postcards at Gracie Finn in the South End
Perfect for adding to a gift (this was the last photo I was able to take before I was asked to put my camera away. Oops.)