Opal Apples

Opal ApplesAn apple a day keeps the doctor away!  And I have a new favorite, the Opal.  The Opal apple variety looks similar to a golden delicious, but the texture and taste is extremely different.  The variety is a cross between the golden delicious and the Topaz and is characterized by its bright yellow color and its incredible crunch texture and sweet flavor.  The crunchiness is what I love best about it -- in my opinion, there is nothing worse than a mushy apple.

The Opal variety was discovered in Europe in 1999 and Ralph Broetje of Broetje Orchards in Washington owns the exclusive right to grow and market the variety in North America.  

I had my first Opal at a King Soopers in Denver. The produce man was handing out samples and after trying one, I was hooked!  I have been unable to find them at any other grocery stores locally (including Whole Foods and a few other speciality markets), but King Soopers always seems to have them.  If you see them at your local grocery store, pick up a few - you won't be disappointed!