iPad, iExcited

Dear Apple,

Please ship my iPad as soon as possible.  I know you told me it would ship 3-4 weeks from the order date, but I am growing ever-more impatient by the day. As I am leaving on a trip next Saturday, I would very much like to have it before then.  Please handle.



In all seriousness, I am not-so-patiently awaiting the arrival of my new iPad.  Do I know exactly why I need one?  Nope.  I probably don't.  But I do know that I will use it when it arrives and that I *can't* wait for that day.  In the meantime, I've been stalking iPad cases and accessories online and wanted to share my favorites.  If anyone has an iPad and has a favorite case, please let me know.  I did purchase the iPad 2 Smart Cover (in pink!), but given my propensity for dropping valuable things, I think I need a bit more protection.

Make your iPad look like a book (from BookBook for iPad) Patterned iPad Cases Handmade in Ghana Kate Spade "The Journal" Cover
Carrie Dunham Stowe Canvas Case Restoration Hardware Artisan Leather iPad Cover Graphic Image Personalized iPad Sleeve (add your initials or a monogram)
Dooney & Burkey iPad Case (this is available in a wide range of colors and the fabric is waterproof - awesome!) Dodo Case Techee iPad Sleeve from Rogue Theory on Etsy (they have many cute patterns... ironically, I have napkins in this fabric already)
Diane von Furstenberg Paddie iPad Cases (fun patterns from the new Diane line) Gorgeous Alaïa Case (way out of my price range, but a girl can dream) Another cute sleeve option from Etsy (a shop called Bertie's Closet) - adore these elephants!
Claire Vivier Green Leather iPad Sleeve Hard Graft Tilt Case (I love the rugged look of this although I think it might be a bit masculine) Keen Neoprene iPad Case (minimalist and inexpensive)
Chanel iPad Case (costing a mere $1,555) Miniot Cover (love the look of the wood - this is not a true case but a lovely cover that you can customize) Classic Contemporary Notebook Cover from Portenzo

There really are so many chic, cute, practical and fun options... how does one choose?  In addition to cases, I found a few accessories that I think could be really useful, too.  Quirky iPad CradleFirst, quirky makes an awesome "Plyboo" (bamboo plywood - who knew?) lap cradle for your iPad.  This product seems incredibly well-designed -- there is even a circular plate in the middle that allows you to rotate the iPad from horizontal to vertical alignment.  This reminds me of this... I actually still own the one I received for (I think) my 7th birthday.  It has geometric shapes on the lap cushion and marker marks on the table but it is incredibly useful. 

Second, a car charger is always a practical thing to have so that you can re-charge on the go and because, in my experience, these devices always seem to run out of power when you least expect it and really need them.  The U-n-Me Car Charger lets you charge two USB devices at once.  Very convenient.

Third, if I were being purely practical in my selection of an iPad case, I'd probably go with the Logitech Aluminum Keyboard Case.  This is a case with a built-in keyboard.  I know that I want a keyboard and this case has "military grade padding" - I don't know exactly what that means, but given the fact that I have shattered the glass on my iPhone more times than I care to admit, I suspect this would be a good thing for me to have. 

Fourth, stands seem to be handy.  This Compass Mobile Stand for iPad seems incredibly practical.  I envision using this in the kitchen when I have a recipe up on my Epicurious App and need it propped up for easy reading... or for setting the iPad up to watch movies.  This bamboo case and stand is both aesthetically pleasing and useful. 

Finally, if you travel a lot with kids in the car and don't have built-in TVs, how useful would this CinemaSeat from Griffen Technology be (pictured below)?