Digital Postage

As a devoted letter-writer and someone who greatly appreciates beautiful postage stamps, the thought of letter-writing becoming a lost art really saddens me.  I've posted before about how I love to find vintage stamps to use on letters and I am always curious about the forthcoming USPS stamp designs (in 2011, I am looking forward to the April release of the "Go Green" stamps, the May release of the "Garden of Love" stamps and the August release of the Pixar stamps). 

Pixar stamps available on August 19th

However, I will admit that I read about a cool replacement for postage stamps today that still encourages the sending of "snail mail" but makes it more convenient.  On Friday, people in Denmark will be able to text the word "PORTO" to 1900 and will receive a confirmation text with a string of numbers and letters that can be written on a letter as a form of payment.  This service is presently only available for domestic mail and will not replace postage stamps entirely, but it certainly will make it easier to spontaneously send someone a note or mail a bill.  Apparently Germany already offers this service and Sweden may soon follow suit.

Speaking of "snail mail", I LOVE this personalized stationery from minted and I just ordered these random postcards that I think are hilarious.  I don't actually have anyone to blackmail, but I couldn't resist.  Now I just need to come up with something witty to say!

Danish Postage Stamps (image courtesy of Springwise)