Creepy Crawlies

Some outfits just need a little something... whether it is dramatic necklace or a whimsical ring or bracelet, a piece of jewelry is often just the piece of flair that you are missing.  While my work jewelry leans more toward conservative jewelry such as pearls, I do love to mix things up a bit in the evening or on the weekend.  For those of you who work in a more creative work environment, these also might fly (no pun intended) in your office.  Lately I have been loving the proliferation of insect-inspired jewelry that I have seen.   The colors are vibrant, the shapes are awesome and they will certainly serve as a conversation piece. 

Stella Cuff by Wynn Wynn Ong


Enchanted Garden Ring from Kate SpadeKenneth Jay Lane Amber Beetle RingKenneth Jay Lane Swarovski Crystal Bee Ring
J.Crew Ladybug Bracelet
       Ladybug-in-Waiting Necklace 
    Steampunk Ring

And if insect-laden jewelry isn't your thing, how about an insect-printed dress from Milly?

Milly Guiliana Dress