Customizing your Computer

I tote my trusty MacBook Pro around in a very boring, black, practical laptop case.  I certainly don't need a new one, but I must admit I am tempted by the ability to make my own using Caseable.  Caseable is a Brooklyn-based start up company whose website allows you to customize your laptop sleeve, including uploading your own images, choosing from over a dozen colors for your zipper and the side panels and adding a handle.  My personal taste would err on the side of sticking to something classic like stripes or (surprise!) polka dots.... but after perusing some of pre-made designs online, I actually like a few that are pretty random.

Cube DesignJapanese GardenCustomizable Zipper Options

Moving beyond the computer case, ColorWare allows you to actually customize your computer, iPod, iPhone, etc. in a range of colors and patterns. ColorWare's products were featured in the February 2011 issue of Vogue Magazine looking great as accessories to the bold colors of the spring 2011 collections.  My laptop is on its last legs... perhaps my next one will be a lovely shade of pink or a vibrant shade of orange!

ColorWare in the February 2011 issue of Vogue