The Bucolic Plague & The Beekman Boys

I recently read an entertaining book entitled The Bucolic Plague: How Two Manhattanites Became Gentlemen Farmers: An Unconventional Memoir about Dr. Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell, two New Yorkers who fall in love with the the Beekman Estate, an old farmhouse/estate near Sharon Springs, New York, and eventually abandon careers in New York City (Dr. Ridge was a Vice President at Martha Stewart Omnimedia and Mr. Kilmer-Purcell was an advertising executive) to turn the Beekman Mansion into a running farm... and so much more!  The farm includes not only the main farmhouse and the barn, but also a pool, a pond and a crypt!    The Beekman Boys are now the stars of a documentary called “Beekman Farm” on Planet Green and sell numerous products, the most famous of which is their goat’s milk soap.  The story about the goats as guests on the Martha Stewart Show is one of the more hilarious anecdotes in the book... let’s just say that driving goats in a large truck from upstate New York to the city is quite an adventure!

book cover.jpg

The Beekman Farm Goats

Not only did I enjoy the hilarity of two city boys trying to get their new farm up and running, but Mr. Kilmer-Purcell has a sassy writing style and their their desire to get out of the city and to enjoy nature, peaceful living and hard work that doesn’t involve Excel spreadsheets and conference calls really resonated with me.  You can use this link to read the NY Times review of the book.

I recently ordered the Back Porch Collection of soaps that includes a different scent for each season.  Wow, does the soap smell good!  Even better, it is handmade and chemical-free. 

Oh, hello!Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Soap