Advent Calendars

Growing up, we had a paper advent calendar with the image of a nativity scene.  Each day leading up to Christmas, I would open the appropriately-numbered door to reveal that day's image of a barn animal or gift for Baby Jesus and I knew Christmas was one day closer.  I remember that being very exciting when I was younger.  A few years ago, I decided it would be a fun tradition for me and Rob to hang an advent calendar and found one that I love at Garnet Hill.  We choose odd or even days and give each other a small treat or gift every-other-day.  It is a great way to make each other's day a bit brighter!  

This post would have been helpful in mid-November but clearly I dropped the ball - perhaps for Christmas 2012?  Each of these calendars has a pocket or box where you can hide a treat!

#1 - Hats & Mittens from Garnet Hill     #2 - Mini-Felt Stockings from Garnet Hill     #3 - Telluride Advent Calendar from Pottery Barn Kids     #4 - Printed Pouches Advent Calendar from Terrain     #5 - Vintage Style Box Calendar from Etsy     #6 - Holiday Angel Advent Calendar from Sundance     #7 - Marimekko Isola's Advent Calendar from Crate & Barrel

All images credit to the sources listed.