In the past month, Pinterest popped up in my web browsing, in conversations and in my reading, but only last week did I finally start using it. I wish I had started sooner! Pinterest allows you to "pin" an image from a website to various "boards" that you set up.  The image is pinned with a brief description and a link to the website where the product/recipe/photo can be found.  Prior to using Pinterest, I kept a Google Doc of all of my post ideas and included links to various items/recipes - the system worked, but it was cumbersome. Pinterest has streamlined the process and has a fun interface that allows you to follow other people and "re-pin" other people's items.

Try it out - I think you'll love it! After you set up a profile, you can add a "Pin It" tab to your bookmarks toolbar that makes it simple to "pin" from any website.  It is an easy way to create wish lists, gather decorating or gift ideas (and sort by room or person), and save recipes you want to try.

If you are interested, you can view my Pinterest profile here