Lytro Cameras

Image credit to LytroAs an amateur photographer, there aren't many photography innovations that catch my attention (I am too inexperienced to utilize most of the features on my camera to begin with) but I am intrigued by the new Lytro cameras.  The Lytro cameras allow you to adjust the focus in the photos you take after the fact with a mere click of your mouse!  When you view your photograph on a computer, you can click on any point in the image and that area of the photo will come into focus.  The camera accomplishes this by capturing the "lightfield" data.  Genius!  Lytro is a start-up company that received $50 million from Silicon Valley investors.  They cameras are available for pre-order now but won't be delivered until early 2012.  The software currently only works for Macs and the cameras will initially only ship within the U.S.  I can't wait to check one of these out in person in 2012.

You can play around with the awesome technology on the company's website here.  I read about the Lytro in this NY Times article.  Added bonus - the compact size of the camera!  It weighs a mere 4.55 ounces and is 4.5" long.

Image credit to Lytro