Wee Rascals Tees

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Blythe isn't old enough to express an opinion about what she wears or to have a specific love of, say, Frozen.  I know those days are coming, but in the mean time, I get to choose her clothes.  All this talk about new faces on bills reminded me of these unique t-shirts from Wee Rascals for littles emblazoned with real-life heroes and inspiring slogans.  Honest Like Abe and Girl Gang (featuring Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, and Margaret Thatcher) are my favorites.  What do you think?  Would your kids sport any of these shirts?

All images credit to Wee Rascals.

Minnow Swimwear

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Through a post on Mother Magazine, I learned about this adorable new swimwear line called Minnow Swim, which is made and designed in California.  I'm a sucker for stripes and tiny florals, plus I love the simplicity of these designs.  The rash guards are so cute -- and so practical.  

What do mamas of boys think about the more fitted swim trunks?  The baggier version seems practical for boys and girls.  We just booked a trip to Palm Springs and Blythe might just need a cute new suit to sport while we are there (speaking of that trip, has anyone been? any suggestions?).


All images credit to Minnow Swim.

SCOTUS Stationery

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Perhaps only my lawyer friends will find this stationery amusing, but I get such a kick out of these Ruth Bader Ginsburg-inspired cards from Alisa Bobzien.  I think "I'd like to court you" is my favorite. 

All images credit to Alisa Bobzien.


Magnetic Footie Pajamas

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One of the most-used and innovative presents we received when Blythe was born was a magnetic footie pajama from Magnificent Baby.  The magnets made it easy and fast to change a diaper in the middle of the night, which meant minimal disruption to Blythe (and helped me get back to bed faster).  I highly recommend these for your tiny person or to give as a gift.

I was recently at Target and noticed that they have a line of similar pajamas called E=MC2.  I've given some as a gift but haven't tried them out myself because the sizes max out at 9 months.  They are $10 less each than Magnificent Baby so I'd love to know if they are just as good.  Has anyone tried them out?

Images credit to Magnificent Baby and Target.



Little Unicorn Blankets

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Contributing greatly to my lack of posts in recent months is the fact that most of what I am doing in my spare time now revolves around Blythe.  I'm less likely to be discovering a new company that caters to adults or trying a new recipe, but I do come across various kid-related things that I'd love to share.  In hesitating to share these baby finds, I've ended up just not posting at all, so when you see an increase in baby-related posts going forward, please forgive me if that isn't content that you enjoy.  It just is what is going on in my life these days.

On to Little Unicorn!  I stumbled upon this brand via Instagram, where someone I follow posted a photo of their baby swaddled in a beautiful blanket from Little Unicorn. I'm obsessed!  When we were picking out swaddles, it seemed like Aden + Anais was the best option, but I adore the patterns from Little Unicorn and the next time I need a gift for someone, I'm starting here.  In addition to swaddles, they have sweet security blankets (pictured above - note they come in pairs so you'll be all set if one is lost) and quilts.  Whatever the vehicle, its the prints that really caught my eye.  Blythe has no interest so far in "loveys" nor is she particularly attached to any toys.  Does that happen later?  The one swaddle I purchased for Blythe came from this shop, which I love.  Let's be honest, I love anything that is personalized.  

All images credit to Little Unicorn.

Western Rise

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This summer we stumbled upon a new outdoor gear company headquartered in Denver, Western Rise.  I'm pretty loyal to Patagonia, but I purchased a Western Rise henley and absolutely love it.  It's long enough to actually cover my torso without riding up (a complaint I have about Patagonia's tops), the burnt red color is unique, and it is proving to be quite durable.  Rob also picked out a henley and we've both been wearing them for all of our adventures this summer (yes, at the same time - at least they aren't the same color!).  As far as shirts are concerned, I'm converted.  Oh, and with every Western Rise product purchased, a portion of the profits go to Western Rivers Conservancy to directly impact western rivers.  You can currently get 10% off of a selection of items on Huckberry.

All product images above are credit to Western Rise.  If you want to see awe-inspiring outdoor images, check out their Instagram.  Perusing their feed makes me want to put Blythe in her hiking pack and head out for an adventure.  Below are photos of me and Rob in our gear (sadly, no kids clothing yet).

Greet 'n' Potatoes Greeting Cards

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We just returned from a trip to New York that included one night in Brooklyn, where I stumbled upon some creative and clever food-focused greeting cards from Greet 'n' Potatoes.  Illustrator Merrily Grashin designs and prints the cards in Brooklyn and you can find them locally at these spots (and if you aren't in Brooklyn, you can order them online).  As a Fernet lover, "Fernet about it!" rings true, and how about "You're such a ramen-tic?" Which one is your favorite?

All images credit to Greet 'n' Potatoes.